Australian Artists

Australian Artists Who Perform on Schimmel

Numerous Australian artists perform and record on Schimmel pianos. See some of Australia’s renowned artists and their albums available to purchase below:


Team of Pianists – including Tamara Smolyar, Matthew Kam, Ryaed Owens, Kevin Kanisuis Suherman, and Konrad Dorecki.

Team of Pianists: Australia’s acclaimed Team of Pianists was created by Professor Max Cooke and is continued in his legacy by Darryl Coote, Robert Chamberlain and Rohan Murray. This group of elite pianists and educators is active in the music community, and chooses to play on Schimmel pianos wherever possible. The Team of Pianists owns a Schimmel C 213 grand piano which is housed at Glenfern Estate and was achieved thanks to sponsorship with the National Trust of Australia (Vic).

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