Testimonials by International Artists | Schimmel Pianos
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International Artists

International Artist Testimonials

Schimmel – Where the integrity of modern design and classical craftsmanship cross paths’ Lenny Kravitz

Ray Charles playing a Schimmel piano

Ray Charles

‘We play Boogie Woogie from Himmel (Heaven), only on Schimmel…’

‘Schimmel, these are Instruments with Personality.’

Schimmel instruments demonstrate Erdverwachsenheit – ‘A closeness to the earth, stemming from Braunschweig-Niedersachsen, that aptly manifests itself through exquisite workmanship.’

My Schimmel, a Flügel that lets me take flight! Thank you in Friendship, Congratulations! (Flügel has a double meaning. Its literal translation is ‘wing’ but it also refers to a grand piano)

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