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Warranty Support

Schimmel Piano Warranty & After Sales Support

Anyone who owns a Schimmel piano is guaranteed a superb level of playing enjoyment. And, with each experience sitting at the piano, your fingers and ears discover even more delight.


To support the long life of your Schimmel Piano, Schimmel Australia offers a unique network of piano technicians, supported by Master Piano Technician, Vincent Tarin.


Your Authorised Retailer will undertake a checklist of pre-delivery preparation and your Schimmel will be delivered ready for you to enjoy. Schimmel Australia recommends that your piano be serviced by an Australian Registered Piano Technician ARPT. Your Authorised Retailer will provide details of your local technician.


Schimmel Australia has an exceptional relationship with the Schimmel Piano Company in Germany. This ensures we are able to provide a smooth, swift process of warranty support, including spare parts, service advice and unusual enquiries.

Vincent Tarin, Schimmel Master Piano Technician

Schimmel Pianos Australia have appointed a Schimmel-accredited concert technician from Europe as Master Technician. Vincent Tarin helps ensure the utmost quality and consistency in all Schimmel Pianos purchased in Australia.


Vincent Tarin was born in Blois, France. With a close friend as a piano technician, he developed a fond interest in pianos.  After school, Vincent studied a four-year apprenticeship at the Institute of Technology for European Music Trades (ITEMM) in Le Mans, France. He was employed as a piano technician for five years in Ireland and, during this time, visited and toured piano factories extensively throughout Europe.


In 2011 / 12 Vincent studied and worked in the Schimmel piano factory in Braunschweig, Germany. He has been awarded the prestigious title of “Schimmel Concert Technician” reflecting a deep knowledge of Schimmel instruments and technology. Vincent migrated to Australia in September 2012. He travels annually to Europe to upgrade his skills at the Schimmel factory. Vincent offers a rare level of expertise and Musico is proud to offer his specialty services for Schimmel owners Australia wide.


We are only a phone call away, so please contact your Authorised Retailer here or enquire here for any servicing and warranty queries.

Contact us for information, or to request a brochure.

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