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Kevin Suherman’s assured, intelligently-informed approach to the programme on this CD is a treat not only for the ears but also for the critical musical mind. Liszt’s Liebestraum no 3 is a crisp yet mellow interpretation, conveying without sentimentality both the liebe and the traum that the composer intended. In Gnomenreigen, Suherman seems to be having as much fun as the gnomes with his wonderfully playful playing that shows his understanding of ‘caprice’. In Coquette- replique (Carnaval) the treble (soprano) is separated distinctly from the lower question, and the teasing is impossible to miss. The legato, lyrical section indicates that Coquette might have given in to the owner of the male voice – but the ending suddenly turns to a minor key, so maybe it is not such a satisfactory outcome after all! That this little tale is told convincingly by the pianist is a tribute to his insight into the music.

The strong repeated note in bar one is an imperious summons to pay attention to Chopin’s Grande Polonaise Brillante, op 22. The rest is enthralling and the end comes disappointingly soon. Listening to the Andante spianato, the audience rides en barque on a gently heaving sea that never intimidates.

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Track Listing:

Robert Schumann – Carnaval op.9

1          Preambule      2’11”

2          Pierrot 1’09”

3          Arlequin          0’39”

4          Valse Noble     1’11”

5          Eusebius          1’19”

6          Florestan         0’42”

7          Coquette – Replique   1’37”

8          Papillons          0’40”

9          A.S.C.H       S.C.H.A      0’52”

10        Chiarina          0’54”

11        Chopin 1’22”

12        Estrella            0’25”

13        Reconnaissance          1’37”

14        Pantalon et Colombine           0’44”

15        Valse Allemande         0’53”

16        Paganini          1’24”

17        Aveu    1’02”

18        Promenade     1’58”

19        Pause   0’18”

20        Marche des Davidsbundler     3’40”


Franz Liszt

21        Liebestraum No.3       4’15”

22        Gnomenreigen            3’06”

Frederic Chopin

23        Andante Spianato        5’00”

24        Grande Polonaise

Brillante op.22            9’15”

Ludwig van Beethoven – Piano Sonata in E-flat major op.27 no.1

25        Andante           5’18”

26        Allegro molto e vivace            1’50”

27        Adagio con espressione          3’33”

28        Allegro vivace 5’33”

CD Total: 56’77”


Kevin Suherman

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