Konzert K195 Tradition – Grand Piano

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Pianists are taught they should be able to play on whatever piano is in front of them. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be playing the absolute best whenever we can.


Denying yourself consistent playing time on a beautiful, inspiring and responsive piano does not make you any better at playing the others, that are an inevitable part of a pianist’s experience. The finesse, the technique and the fine control required to play a concert instrument, cannot be honed on a mediocre one.


As well as its place on the stage, the Schimmel K 195 is the Professional Pianist’s choice for the home or studio. Perfect for those who give concerts or soirees in the home. This piano is made for performance-level music making.

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How Schimmel Quality Is Created
The Soundboard is the soul and voice of a piano. In it is concealed the secrets of tone quality and carrying power of a Schimmel grand or upright piano. Schimmel Scale Designs form the basis of extraordinary tone quality. The sound spectrum and timbers are of exemplary richness, enabling the pianist to precisely transform their artistic intentions into sound.
The Backframe Assembly of a Schimmel piano is solidly built and time tested. Together with the heavy cast-iron plate, it bears almost 18 tonnes of string tension. The Schimmel Keyboard and Action Assembly, designed by Schimmel and produced in Germany, features painstakingly optimised leverage ratios and reliability. Its dynamic modulation potential enables the finest nuances in sound.

To read more about the above features, view our Konzert Collection or German Expertise sections.

Additional Information
Weight 376 kg
Dimensions 189 × 102 × 154 cm

Ebony high gloss

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