Classic C120 Royal/Royal Intarsie Flora - Upright Piano - Schimmel Pianos
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Classic C120 Royal/Royal Intarsie Flora – Upright Piano

Call for Price

Taste is the art of an understanding for detail, and also of presenting this detail in an accomplished fashion. The Royal, or the Royal Intarsie-Flora with inlay, are examples of fine taste in pianos.


The exceptional personality of the Royal is characterised by the model’s piano legs, with its traditionally carved stylistic elements from solid wood. The majestic appearance of this upright piano transforms music-making into an experience for all the senses!


It is details which characterise the perfection of Schimmel instruments, but perfection is anything but a detail itself. Specialists invest a great deal of time and their entire range of abilities for the carving of wood inlays for the Royal Intarsie Flora variation. Each one of which is an artistic jewel in itself. With immense technical skills, miniature artistic works are created with the aid of a scalpel and the precision of a surgeon. This work requires patience and also a good judgement of proportions and shades of colour. The result: instruments for aficionados.


In the patented Schimmel Konzert Concept, utilised in the Classic series, the well-established and ideal construction concepts for the large Konzert grand piano K 280, have been consistently integrated into the smaller model and, where possible, with identical construction.

This enables pianists to enjoy the benefits of the outstanding touch and tonal characteristics of a large Koncert grand even when performing on smaller models. This concept and the Schimmel family of sound is unique worldwide.

Features include:

  • Konzert grand piano action
  • Enlarged soundboard
  • The ideal soundboard wood – exclusive to Schimmel
  • Full size concert grand piano scale
  • Triplex Scale
  • Key tops made of mineral material and ebony wood
  • Most played German piano
  • Dynamic bar
  • Mass reduced bridge
  • Adjustable gliders
  • Most highly awarded

To read more about the above features, view our Classic Collection or German Expertise sections.

Additional Information
Weight235 kg
Dimensions120 × 148 × 59 cm

Ebony High Gloss, Mahogany High Gloss


A very limited number of these models are built each year. Crafting superior pianos requires the utmost in care, expertise and precision and this takes time. Please allow any time from 6 weeks up to 12 months from order through to manufacture and delivery of your own unique instrument. Please phone or email us to explore the special opportunities available.


Bernies Musicland, Melbourne
Hutchings Pianos, Sydney
Morris Brothers Music, Brisbane

Silent function option

There is an optional twin tone feature add-on, providing the ability to play as either a normal acoustic piano or an integrated digital piano for silent piano-playing. The digital piano function can also be used to operate external MIDI-compatible equipment. Please enquire.

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